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Your wedding day is one of life’s most meaningful and memorable occasions. You deserve to celebrate your love in style and comfort, with a hint of elegance and luxury. Hiring a Rolls Royce is the best option for your wedding transportation. A Rolls Royce is more than just a car. It represents elegance, sophistication, and workmanship. It’s designed to provide you with the best driving experience possible. It features a spacious cabin, a smooth ride, and cutting-edge technology. Whether you want to wow your guests, make a dramatic entrance, or enjoy the ride, a Rolls Royce hire will make your wedding day memorable.

Which Rolls Royce should be on your radar if you are tying the knot soon?

Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2 – Starting at £350.00

When Rolls-Royce unveiled a new “entry level” model 14 years ago, automotive enthusiasts were uncertain about what to anticipate. Some worried that the parent company, BMW, had taken an unconventional route.

However, to the delight of fans and those seeking luxury vehicles, that model was the acclaimed Ghost. The Ghost, introduced in 2010, quickly became a sales leader, prompting Rolls-Royce to enhance it further with the Series II release.

Imposing, sophisticated, and featuring opulent interior detailing, the 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II is a remarkable option for those searching for wedding cars hire London. Measuring nearly 18 feet, this wedding car is one of the longest vehicles on the road, even more so in its extended-wheelbase version, which adds almost 7 inches.

As expected from Rolls-Royce, the Ghost’s interior is a masterpiece. The impeccable build quality is evident throughout, offering a range of exclusive features. Imagine having an optional refrigerator for your Champagne flutes or foldout picnic tables. Consider the Starlight LED headliner or personalized monogrammed headrests if that doesn’t impress you.

Undoubtedly, such luxury comes at a price, making the Ghost one of the most expensive vehicles on the market. Yet, as Ferris Bueller once said: “If you have the means, we highly recommend picking one up.” For those seeking wedding cars for hire that exude luxury, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II presents itself as an extravagant and sophisticated choice, ensuring a memorable and stylish journey on your special day.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series 1 – Starting at £325.00

Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Prices

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series 1 is a masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship, with a design that flawlessly combines majestic majesty and contemporary grace. Its timeless design and distinctive Spirit of Ecstasy mascot make it a symbol of refinement. The Phantom Series 1’s astounding length captures attention, making it an excellent choice for couples looking to make a dramatic entrance on their wedding day.

Rolls Royce hire in London makes the Phantom Series 1 a realistic option for those putting together a wedding in the city’s heart. The attraction of saying “I do” amid the bustling metropolis while riding in the timeless luxury of a Rolls Royce Phantom Series 1 is an experience that goes above and beyond standard wedding transportation. A fast search for “Wedding Car London” yields many possibilities, allowing you to reserve the perfect wedding car easily.

Step into the Rolls Royce Phantom Series 1, and you’ll be surrounded by luxury. The lush leather upholstery, great attention to detail, and fine wood veneers create an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury. For those seeking comfort and extravagance, the Phantom Series 1 has an optional refrigerator for celebratory drinks, adding an added layer of indulgence for the bride and groom.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series 2 – Starting at £350.00

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series 2 builds on the tradition of its predecessor with a design that embodies contemporary luxury. This famous automobile combines the classic Spirit of Ecstasy logo with sleek, modern lines. The Phantom Series 2’s extended design and commanding presence make it a great choice for newlyweds wishing to leave an impression when they arrive at their wedding location.

For those planning a wedding in the bustling city of London, Rolls Royce hire in London makes the Phantom Series 2 a viable option. A fast search for “Wedding Car London” yields various results, allowing you to reserve this beautiful vehicle for your big day easily. The Phantom Series 2’s presence expands beyond London, allowing couples around the country to experience its unparalleled attraction.

Step inside the Rolls Royce Phantom Series 2, and you will be transported to a world of incomparable luxury. The painstakingly constructed interior boasts rich leather, beautiful wood veneers, and cutting-edge technology. The Phantom Series 2 provides roomy and comfy seating. That ensures that the bride and groom have a pleasurable voyage on their wedding day. Optional additions like a refrigerated compartment and ambient lighting add luxury to the experience.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud – Starting at £375.00

This distinguished model, which replaced the Silver Dawn, was available in four-door saloon, two-door coupé, and convertible body styles. The Silver Cloud, known for its timeless and attractive appearance, rich interior, and smooth ride quality, established a new benchmark for luxury vehicles. It provided a driving experience that was both comfortable and refined, thanks to its powerful engine and advanced suspension technology for the time.

Crafted with great attention to detail, the Silver Cloud was frequently a product of manual craftsmanship and offered customization possibilities, allowing buyers to personalize the vehicle to their needs. The inside was lavishly designed, with high-quality materials, gorgeous wood veneers, and sumptuous leather furnishings.

As a symbol of luxury and sophistication, the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud remains highly esteemed among classic car collectors and enthusiasts. Its legacy signifies the impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that Rolls-Royce has consistently delivered throughout its history. Imagine if it becomes a part of your wedding story!

Rolls Royce Phantom VII – Starting at £600.00

The Rolls-Royce Phantom VII’s majestic external design makes a powerful statement from the moment it arrives. This luxury sedan, available for wedding car hire, commands attention with its famous grille, sweeping lines, and the Spirit of Ecstasy logo, guaranteeing that your grand entrance is nothing short of magnificent.

Stepping into the Phantom VII immerses you in an environment of unparalleled grandeur. The interior, constructed to perfection, has high-quality materials, magnificent wood veneers, and lush leather upholstery, providing an atmosphere that reflects the romance and elegance of your wedding. As a bridal car, the Phantom VII improves the event, making every moment as magical as the love you’re celebrating.

The Phantom VII is more than just a vehicle; it is a refuge of comfort and refinement. The smooth ride quality that distinguishes Rolls-Royce engineering ensures that you and your spouse enjoy every moment in absolute tranquility. This great ride quality is more than simply a feature. It represents a dedication to making your journey to the altar as memorable and enjoyable as the destination.

One of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VII’s defining qualities is its capacity to be customised to your specifications. As you embark on the voyage of a lifetime, this wedding car provides personalisation possibilities. That allows you to select touches that complement the theme of your celebration. Whether it’s personalised embroidered headrests, ambient lighting, or other custom touches, the Phantom VII guarantees that your wedding day reflects your flair.

Booking any of these iconic luxury vehicles for your wedding has been made effortlessly convenient. A quick online search for “Rolls Royce hire” opens up many possibilities. Seamlessly explore options, compare features, and secure this symbol of elegance for your special day with easy online booking.

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